she wants to believe in miracles
some folks think that’s odd
firmly rooted in their realities
as she listens for the voice of God

but lately God’s been silent
His/Her mercy is not there
thus she sits, chain-smoking,
refusing to cry in her lovely lair

many have been her troubles
& she knows she’s not the only one
this knowledge brings no comfort
as she watches another rising sun

a list of blessings she has made:
food in the fridge & a good man’s love
yet she can’t help but feel let down
by whoever’s runnin’ things above

each day she grows more anxious
the simplest task is now a strain
& darkness overwhelms her
on those long nights filled with pain

the holy lifeline is no more
heaven has closed it gates
is this meant to teach her patience?
she wonders, & she waits

copyright © 2015 KPM


application unsuccessful on this occasion

she seeks an end
to shattered dreams that endlessly bleed
assistance from any entity
who can help fulfill her need

she desires understanding
of the talent in her soul
a hand to lift her up
a noble work to make her whole

thus fearfully she waits
for blessings from the soothsayer
hoping for a positive answer
to her final desperate prayer

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM

application denied pic

this folder is empty

as black & empty
as the vastness of space
white & crisp
like new curtains made of lace
hard & heavy
like Sisyphus’ boulder
a fire that
continues to smoulder

like any animal in a trap
like a bad dose of the clap
like weeds grown wild
with all the confusion of
a bullied child

like a closed coal mine
you wait
like clothes dryin’ on a line
like a woman awaiting birth
jes’ hold your head high
an’ remember what you’re worth

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

folderisempty pic


in da record shop
is where ah wait
chillin’ wit Ricky
near da heatin’ grate
illuminated by
a florescent light
on a cold C-town
winter night
ah’m doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ here waitin’ fo’ you
waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

ah’m trippin’out
on Ricky’s dirty hair
as discordant music
fouls da air
playin’ Tempest,
a borin’ arcade game
while Ricky cracks
his jokes so lame
an’ ah’m doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ here waitin’ fo’ you
waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

Ricky acks me
do ah want some crack
an’ ah say
“naw, my old man’ll be back”
so he goes on an’
fires up dat pipe
its smelly smoke
makes a thin white stripe
meanwhile ah’m doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ here waitin’ fo’ you
jes’ waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

at long las’ yo’ ass
breezes thru da door
yo’ imitation Timbalands
pissin’ snow on da floor
kissin’ me ‘fore you drag me
outa da shop
an’ Ricky yells “y’all wait up!”
but we don’ stop
cuz ah’m done doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ ‘round waitin’ fo’ you
waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

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